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Sheiko Strong Sharks Get Fit!

Colleen Miller,   Sheiko Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
Sheiko Strong Sharks Get Fit!

This year, we have made many positive changes to our level of physical activity at Sheiko Elementary. First, we received a grant through the Building Healthy Communities program. This allowed for a coordinator from Wayne State University to come into the classrooms to do many mini lessons about healthy food and activity choices. Second, under the guidance of our Physical Education teacher, Ms. Colleen Miller, a Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Leadership Team was formed. This team met weekly to come up with ideas to get the students at Sheiko excited about healthful living. One way we did this was to start a Fitness Friday Work out Drill every week. The student leaders made an announcement over the school's public announcement system, played music, and got the entire student body moving all at the same time! Another positive, is that through the Building Healthy Communities grant, the school was given quite a bit of fun equipment to use at recess and in PE. We assembled the recess cart, loaded it with balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, and more, so that students would have a variety of choices to pick from during outdoor recess. This also set up opportunities for extra leadership jobs, as students were chosen to help make sure the cart goes outside/inside every day, and that all equipment is accounted for after each recess. The students really enjoy having this equipment and the opportunity to care for it!! Finally, we incorporated a Healthy Kids Walking Club, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Students are taught about the benefits of exercise, they are given a healthy snack, and they participate in 40 minutes of activity. They really seem to enjoy it!! All in all this has been a productive year, but it's just a start. We really hope to incorporate more change for next year to help keep all of our students fit and healthy!!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The students have become very enthusiastic about Fitness Friday, plus adding physical activity to their day. They even ask what we will be doing for the upcoming Fitness Friday Work Out Drill each week!!