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Silver City Salsa

Eddie Toplikar,   Silver City Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Silver City Salsa

Our FUTP 60 team watched our Farm to School video and learned how dairy farmers get their milk out to people. We went out and gathered vegetables from our garden and used them to make our own salsa. While making it, we talked about what times of nutrients we get from those types of vegetables and how we can do the same thing at our own house. We shared our story by sending out an email to the whole school with a picture showing the food we harvested and made. Our team then made posters to show what our FUTP 60 team was all about, and put them up on our bulletin board to show everyone in lunch what it means to be active and to eat healthy.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

If the students have ideas on how to be more active or to eat healthier in school, they can talk to their teachers or to the FUTP 60 team members and they can pass it on.