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Slow, Whoa, and Go at Stark

Jeff Malkowski,   Stark El
Access to Healthy Foods
To incoporate the Fuel Up to Play 60 message into our curriculum, we did a lesson with kindergarten through fifth grade about healthy eating habits. As part of the lesson, we discussed Go, Slow, and Whoa foods and how to determine into which category the food they were eating fit. We had the students name some of their favorite foods and together we decided if they were a Slow, Whoa, or Go food. Many of the students were surprised to learn that most of their favorite foods fell under the Slow or Whoa category. While monitoring fifth grade lunch, we saw that this lesson had a lasting impact on the students. The students were excited to show us the Go foods they brought from home in their lunches. We also observed that the fifth graders were eating their healthy food first before they ate their unhealthy food, which was not the case before the lesson. The Go, Slow, and Whoa lesson also made an impression on other grades as well. Many of the students were excited to share the healthier options they were eating both at school and at home.

How did you accomplish your goals?

My goal for the lesson was to get the students to think about the food they were eating. I achieved this goal by teaching the students about Slow, Whoa, and Go foods and how to determine into which category the food they were eating fell.