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Smoothie Breakfast and Active Lifestyle

Shanon Flynn,   Carmichael Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods,  Physical Activity Participation
Smoothie Breakfast and Active Lifestyle

We had a great week at Carmichael for our Fuel Up to Play 60 Kickoff! Every day during all three lunches the students could participate in a physical activity. We had a different activity every day. Some of the activities the kids could participate in were capture the flag, alliance ball, walking and jogging and more. We gave a prize every day to three students that participated. We had over 1100 kids participate. We also did a smoothie day in the morning every Tuesday for the month of March. Every Tuesday the Fuel up team gave out sample smoothies to students. Students could purchase the smoothies every Tuesday with the chance to win prizes. This helped encourage kids to be active every day and to choose healthy dairy products for a healthy diet.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We accomplished our goal by working together as a team both students and adults. We advertised the activities well and promoted the smoothies at Breakfast every Tuesday.