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Smoothie Taste Testing at Madison

Hannah Prophet,   Madison Jr/sr High
Student Leadership

Junior High students have stepped up to be leaders in our school wellness programs. These students have been to workshops, met with teachers to organize events, and have taken a stand to help promote healthy foods to their peers. These students' developed, made, and presented a variety of smoothies to their classmates. There was positive feedback and the students are looking forward to making more possibilities available in the future.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students were chosen by the teachers to represent our school at a workshop. These students continued to show interest in developing ways to inform their peers of healthy foods. These students met with a teacher multiple times to gather information and plan what items they wanted to present to their peers. They took time out of their day and out of their school responsibilities to help better the health of others. The teacher was the facilitator, adult in charge, and support system.