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Smoothies for Charity

David Christian,   Edison Middle School
Community Involvement
Smoothies for Charity
For the last fifteen-plus years, Edison Middle School has donated gifts to the children at the Heartland House, which is an organization to help people transition out of poverty. This year our Fuel Up to Play 60 student committee decided to get involved. The committee promoted a healthy start to your day with a fruit smoothie. On two separate days the committee sold fruit smoothies before school to students and staff. They raised enough money to purchase gifts for two children at the Heartland house.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students worked with their Program Advisors, school administration, and clerical staff to set the date before school for the event. Students developed a recipe and made a list of ingredients that needed to be purchased. On the day of the event, the student committee arrived early to begin making the fruit smoothies. The students also worked with the teacher who is charged of Student Council to have the gifts delivered to the Heartland House.