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Smoothies for School Wide Healthy Snack Day

Nicole Uttech,   Pleasant Prairie El
Success with Funds
Our Fuel Up to Play 60 team held a Smoothie "I tried it" for our school wide healthy snack day. Healthy snack day was a part of our week long activities around "Refueling" our bodies. The students created and sampled a yogurt, strawberry, blueberry and chocolate smoothie and a yogurt, strawberry and blueberry smoothie. The students were surprised to find that they enjoyed the one WITHOUT chocolate better than the one with! This was a huge success because of the generous "I tried it" pack with the Professional Ninja Blender that we got from our Milk Marketing Board! Thank you!

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our goal was to get the students to try something new. We accomplished this through the generous donation of the blender. Without it, we would have never served 32 students quickly! The Fuel Up to Play 60 grant money was also a big help. Without the fund we wouldn't have been able to have this "I tried it" and the kids would have never figured out that you don't have to have the extra sugar (or chocolate) for something to taste good.