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Spirit Week!

Angela Simonton,   Magnolia Woods Elementary School
Student Leadership,  Other
Spirit Week!
This last week we held a FUTP 60 Spirit Week! Each day was dedicated to a different food group, and Friday was dedicated to physical activity. To show support for eating the different food groups and being active, students could wear a shirt that represented the food group or physical activity. All students in our school were able to wear the different colored shirts with their uniform pants! To promote our FUTP 60 Spirit Week, my student leadership council created wonderful posters that provided information about the program, different food groups, and physical activity. The following were our designated spirit week days: Monday: Stay fresh! Students may wear a GREEN shirt to remind them to eat fresh fruits and vegetables like green apples, grapes, broccoli and celery. Tuesday: Slam dunk for dairy! Students may wear a BLUE shirt to remind them to consume calcium rich foods like yogurt, cheese, and milk. Wednesday: Go with grains! Students may wear a BROWN shirt to remind them to eat whole grains like brown rice instead of white rice. Thursday: Party with proteins! Students may wear a PURPLE shirt to remind them to consume protein rich foods like beef, poultry, eggs and beans. Friday: Show your team spirit! Students may wear an ATHLETIC shirt or jersey to remind them to be active for 60 minutes every day. I have also attached some pictures of the wonderful posters that our FUTP 60 Student Leadership Council has created for this event!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We plan to extend this Play by providing more nutritious options on our snack carts at school. During recess, students are able get snacks such as baked chips and juices. This year we are planning to add low fat string cheese, yogurt, and milk to our snack carts as a way to provide healthier options to our student body.