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Start Your Day Off Right!

Carolyn Faircloth,   Kernersville Elementary
Physical Activity Participation
Every morning our students may enter the school 30 minutes before the tardy bell rings and the day begins. This year Kernersville Elementary was able to help students have a great start to the school day in two new ways. Beginning this year students have the choice to go eat breakfast for FREE in the cafeteria or enter the gym for some physical activity. ALL students are invited and encouraged to eat breakfast in the cafeteria to give the the fuel they need to help jump start their bodies and their brains for the school day. For the first time it is FREE to ALL students so there is no longer any economic barrier for students to not be able to enjoy breakfast each school day. Once they have eaten their breakfast they are then sent to the gym to participate in a physical activity. Each morning for 10 minutes a teacher leads some fitness exercises and stretches in the gym while students wait for the tardy bell to ring and head to their classroom. This physical activity allows students to get their bodies moving rather than sitting as had been done in the past. These two great additions to our school have allowed Kernersville Elementary to start all students day off right!!!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Teachers and staff are encouraging all students to be sure to eat breakfast on a daily basis since all students now have access to a healthy meal. Teachers and staff are the ones creating and leading the physical activity (not the PE teacher). This is allowing all students to see that being active is something all people do not just PE.