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Started Smoothie Bar at Iola Middle School

Brian Donovan,   Iola Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods
Started Smoothie Bar at Iola Middle School
As soon as our Middle School students heard we were going to be starting smoothies in the High School, they questioned why they could not also have smoothies. When they were told they had been included in the grant application, they were elated. I feel like adding smoothies at the Middle School has been beneficial.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

We provide traditional breakfast, as well as a second chance breakfast service in the Middle School. Initially the plan was to provide smoothies during second chance breakfast. We were not able to keep up with the demand. Our window of time for grab and go breakfast is small. If you make too few smoothies, students are not happy. If you make too many smoothies then you end up with waste. So we elected to change our plan and offer smoothies during the traditional breakfast service.