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Staying Healthy with Medary!

Tina Birgen,   Medary Elem
Staying Healthy with Medary!

Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Advisors and 3rd grade Ambassadors worked together creating a culture of healthy choices. A teamwork approach was used in the creation of a Power Point shown to all students and staff. The Power Point slides included: healthy nutrition slides designed by the third grade ambassadors, student wellness goals, and photos highlighting the kickoff, student art work, Jump Rope for Heart, and our cafeteria sticker program.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our wellness committee and principal worked together devising a game plan for our school. Third grade Ambassadors met with our counselor, PE teacher, computer teacher, & third grade teacher. The Ambassadors were given ideas and then the students worked to complete the tasks. Some tasks completed were: a 12 day challenge, Fuel Up to Play 60 obstacle course, A.M. classroom exercises, Jump Rope for Heart, wellness art creations, heart healthy goal setting, and cafeteria recognition.