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Student Leadership at Garfield Elementary School

Dan Kirsch,   Garfield Elementary School
Student Leadership

We had a great year with our In-Class Physical Activity breaks!! Our Fuel Up To Play 60 members were able to go to all K-5 classrooms!!! We lead in-class activity breaks based on what each team member decided on as a group!!! This progressed into one of our student leaders developing his "Lunch in a Crunch" idea. This was an idea he came up with all by himself to have healthier foods in the lunch room!!! Our students have been leaders in the building showing character and how to be healthy!!! These folks will also help lead stations during our school end of the year Field Day!!!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We met every Wednesday during the students' lunch period (this was their choice) and discussed as a group, which activities worked the best in our In-Class physical activity sessions. We also discussed how grades were going and if anyone was needing some extra help!!