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Students Snack Smarter

Rick Talia,   Success Mile Academy
Access to Healthy Foods
This year in our cafeteria we added two healthy eating snack vending machines. There are healthy snacks and healthy drinks in the vending machine. Students have gravitated towards these machines and it is great to see those eating healthier snacks than in previous years. I have asked many of our students if they enjoy the healthier snacks in the vending machine and they all say yes. What I like about the vending machine is it has introduced students to snacks they normally would not buy at the store and now these are items they might want to ask their family to purchase for snacks. The healthy drinks are well liked by all students and these are drinks they normally would not think of to get. Overall the healthy snack vending machine has been a success and has been a great addition to our school this year.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The improvements I have seen is you don’t see students bring the unhealthy snacks from home as much anymore. Many of our students are buying snacks from our healthy vending machine. Students are enjoying the healthy snacks more than the unhealthy snacks I used to see them bring in from previous years. It has been successful.