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Taste It Thursday

Jill Guyton,   Lucketts Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Taste It Thursday
Every third Thursday is "Taste it Thursday"at  our school. Our cafeteria manger has a new or different fruit or vegetable to try that may not be as popular as others like bananas or peas. I also decorate the cafeteria whiteboard the day of "Taste it Thursday" with a picture and facts about the fruit or vegetable. FUTP 60 kids in grades 3-5 go on the morning show the week of "Taste it Thursday" to promote and to share fun facts about that food . They are also our waiter and waitresses for the day - serving the food on a tray and wearing special aprons. At the beginning of the school year, FUTP 60 kids made posters to promote "Taste it Thursday" which still hang around our school.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

I worked with the cafeteria manager to get promotional information posted and facts about the food. FUTP 60 kids and I worked together to go over how to be a good server and what to say. Those kids in turn became "teachers" to incoming students and taught them what they learned as servers.