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Taste Test

Mary Soave,   Hartland Round Elementary Sc
Access to Healthy Foods
Our success story is in regards to our TASTE TEST that was held on March 24th. We worked with out dietary staff to determine what food(s) were offered weekly but were not being eaten much. Our dietary staff told us that LEGUMES were not a hot commodity but needed to be offered at least one time per week. Since we did not have a budget for this activity, we sent emails to a few companies (Bush’s Beans and Eat Well, a Balanced Life) and they were kind enough to send us coupons that allowed us to get all of the legumes (black beans, baked beans and hummus) for free. We also decided to use the apples that the Michigan Apple Growers were able to supply for us to use as other items for our Taste Test. 10 classes were able to join us for the tasting which allowed approximately 250 students to try some “new” foods. We asked them for their feedback regarding these new foods and were pleasantly surprised that many of the students tried and liked some of the legumes offered. They also rated the three different apples and found that the majority of the students liked the Jonagold apples the best. This was a great success for some of our students to try and like some new food items.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The SLT designed the plates to serve on, helped with the prep and serving. Parent volunteers helped to prep, serve and clean. All worked together as a team to make this a successful day.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

We did not have a budget to complete this Play but were able to secure coupons to buy the food items and were able to get the apples from the Michigan Apple Growers. We had a community business help us with the paper goods and carrots. We initially did not have a strong response from our teachers but were able to secure 10 classes (250 students) to participate in the taste test. Success!