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Taste the Rainbow

Joanne Woodworth,   West Point Elem School
A Community Taste Test Event
3rd grade students organized a taste testing of vegetables consisting of colors of the rainbow. They then shared the merits of their particular color vegetable and encouraged students to vote for their color. It was a fabulous success.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Once it was decided that they were focusing on the colors of the rainbow, the children had to learn some marketing skills to try to “sell” their color vegetable to their peers. Then they had to practice in front of each other and explain why their vegetable color was the best. Another challenge was where to get the funding for the vegetables. Fortunately, we have teachers who supported the children’s efforts and made donations.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The biggest improvement I have observed is student awareness of what are healthy habits and how they impact their learning and wellness. Our motto at West Point Elementary School is “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Ready to Learn!”.

How did you accomplish your goals?

WPES has achieved much through Fuel Up To Play 60. We have created a 100 Mile Running Club, with 4th grade students computing monthly mileage, organized a “Taste the Rainbow” event and led by 3rd grade students. One of our fourth graders is creating a Wellness Symposium for National Physical Education and Sport Month. I can’t wait to watch these kiddos in Middle School and beyond because West Point is certainly developing Student Ambassadors that will be doing great things.