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TEAM WE and Cottage Cheese!

Beth Mckinney,   Westside Elementary School
Meet Your Inner Chef
TEAM WE and Cottage Cheese!

We jumped into our first ever Gridiron Breakfast Challenge this past January. Loads of fun and yummy pancakes! We formed a small group of our student Ambassadors one afternoon after school and made healthy pancakes that incorporated dairy group items. We had a nutrition class related to the Dairy group the week before with our partners from the University of Florida's Cocoa Agriculture Extension. So when we read about the breakfast challenge, we said, "Let's do this!" The small group of 8 students and myself, the Program Advisor, brainstormed ideas about what breakfast-type recipes could we make that would be unique, creative while still being YUMMY! I suggested we focus on the main ingredient in our snack during the nutrition class which was...cottage cheese. first, the students were not that excited. I reminded them that the snack, cottage cheese dill dip on triscuits, was really good to many of our students. I reviewed a couple of breakfast-related recipes with them and they said "Ok". They shared ideas about what we could put on the yummy cottage cheese pancakes that would look enticing and taste good also. The afternoon came to cook! We got out all the ingredients and put on our aprons...ready to cook! We tried 2 different pancake recipes that had cottage cheese or yogurt as main ingredients. We flipped a lot of pancakes, made a creamy cottage cheese and yogurt spread instead of sugary syrup, and topped of the pancakes with fresh fruit. YUMMY!!! They all commented that no one would even know that cottage cheese was an ingredient. We shared our final plates of the pancakes and fruit with the After Care staff and they LOVED it!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students and the teachers were just as excited to cook and work together to create a cool, new, yummy breakfast recipe using the Dairy group! I loved it when the adults were as apprehensive about the use of cottage cheese in pancakes as the students were, but in the end everyone loved the pancakes.