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The Arrival of Tinikling

Beverly Pacio,   Coyote Ridge Elem
Let's Dance!
Physical Activity Participation

This year I added an afterschool activity called Tinikling. Tinikling is a Filipino dance done between two poles that tap in rhythm and close together on a selected beat, usually a 3/4 beat. It is a rigorous activity that includes cardio, rhythm, and eye-foot coordination. I was not sure how the students would respond to this activity as they were hesitant at first. We chose a 4/4 beat to a country western song. Eventually the activity caught on and the energy was infectious. There were 16 original students involved in learning how to do Tinikling. During recess, the students practiced before their classmates. This energized other students to learn how to do Tinkling. At the conclusion of our afterschool program, the original students performed before the entire student body at a Christmas Sing A-long. They were a huge success. It was quite remarkable how well they performed. Next year, I am confident that I will again generate an even greater enthusiasm among the students.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The challenges I faced were initially getting the students to buy in to trying Tinikling. I chose student leaders, including my Ambassadors to help me recruit other students. While I only got 16 to begin with, I began with 16 fairly talented students.

How did you accomplish your goals?

During the first meeting, I showed them a video of Tinikling. Once they were able to visualize what it was, I began with simple movements to a stationary pole. Eventually I added the movement of the poles. I chose people who had really good rhythm.