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The Aves Family of Dairy Farmers Visits Meehan!

Kristine Frank,   Meehan Elementary School
Community Involvement
The Aves Family of Dairy Farmers Visits Meehan!
We were very lucky to have the Aves family; Todd, Brenda, Allyson (Jr. High), Hayden (5th grade), Maddy (2nd grade) and their newest 2 week old calf named “Buckeye” visit our school! They shared with us how a dairy farm works and how their milk is used by Dean Foods, a local milk/cheese processing company. They showed the students the ingredients that make up the diet for their cows and how they recycle all products, including feed, manure & byproducts. Our “Fuel Up Mustang” team, which consists of eleven 5th graders and 2 advisors, started off the presentation explaining what FUTP 60 is all about and what it stands for. This was an AWESOME experience for all of us!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our FUTP 60 team is made up of 11 students and adults. Together we planned this AWESOME experience for our entire 5th grade student body!