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The Importance of a Balanced Breakfast

Dean Wilberscheid,   Metro Tech Vocational Institute Of Phoenix
The Importance of a Balanced Breakfast
I talked with my teacher to present the Breakfast presentation from the Dairy Council to our three culinary classes. I ended up doing one presentation instead of presenting to all three separately. I presented why breakfast is important and why we need a balanced diet from the presentation as well as what the Dairy Council was and why I was in it. They seemed unenthusiastic but appreciative that I was informing them of healthier choices.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

I had to make the presentation informational and interesting. I did that by giving facts, interactions and my experiences. The facts came from the presentation. The interaction was to see if they felt drowsy in the morning. I shared my experience of how I find it easier to fall asleep in the morning on days I don't eat breakfast. Then I backed it up with facts. It showed them that this is an issue that they can change.