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Thorson Elementary School Wins National MVP School Video Contest

Patty Kestell,   Thorson El
Physical Activity Participation
Thorson Elementary School Wins National MVP School Video Contest
The Thorson FUTP60 team met in early January to put together video clips for two FUTP60 video contests. One of the contests was the National MVP School Video Contest, and the other was a WI FUTP60 In Class Physical Activity Break Video. The National MVP School Video Contest involved showing our NFL (Packer) pride, and how FUTP60 has helped our school to get active and eat healthy. Students had a great time putting the videos together, sharing their love of the Packers by wearing all their Packer and FUTP60 gear and cheese heads, and setting up a football play that included an awesome Lambeau Leap with "fans" and Packer players involved. The FUTP60 team used a Packer song called "Lambeau Leap" as the background music, and worked in all the other aspects of the video contest to share why they loved FUTP60, what activities we have done, and how it has helped our school community. The video ended with the FUTP60 team cheering, "We love FUTP60 and our Green Bay Packers!" In late January, we received the news that our school had WON the National MVP School Video Contest out of 292 video submissions! Thorson had a chance to celebrate the MVP School Video Contest success with a Superbowl week school-wide FUTP60/Green Bay Packer celebration with Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis. All the students received a Fuel Up to Play 60 shirt to wear to the assembly, and there were many Packer and FUTP60 prizes to share with the students. At the assembly the Packer players answered a variety of questions from the FUTP60 team, and exercised with our students, using the In Class Physical Activity Break we had created. One of the highlights of the events was watching three kindergarten students run a mini-play with Jeff and Jared as wide receivers. The FUTP60 team had a chance to have a question and answer time with Jeff and Jared alone, and then got a chance to receive autographs and photos as a team. Our school received an MVP School football award to honor our FUTP60 team, and our team had a chance to be featured on the Morning Blend, a Milwaukee based morning news show. During the Morning Blend our team was surprised with a special visit from the Lambeau Leap creator, LeRoy Butler. Without a doubt, this was an amazing, amazing event, and one that created wonderful, lasting memories for our school community and created an even greater awareness of FUTP60 for our students. As a FUTP60 advisor, I am so grateful for all the FUTP60 has done to help promote healthy eating and physical activity with our students, and will forever be grateful for this amazing MVP School experience for our school community!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The MVP School and In-Class Physical Activity Break video contests were a great collaborative process between the FUTP60 team, myself, and a 5th grade teacher who helped us piece the video clips into an iMovie. Students shared their input, taped the video clips, and helped to make edits with both of us. During the FUTP60 MVP School Celebration, parents, teachers, and FUTP60 students helped decorate the school before the event, and teachers helped students create signs for our celebration.

How did you accomplish your goals?

During the video production, the students tried to focus on the goals and rules of the contest to help focus on what they wanted to highlight. The Thorson FUTP60 team used lots of Green Bay Packer and FUTP60 props and signs to increase the appeal of the video, and had a great time creating and working together to problem solve the best scenes to add to the video. The video clip could only be one minute in length, so their video had to flow quickly to include all of their fun ideas!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

The In-Class Physical Activity Break and MVP School videos were a ton of fun to do, and gave the students a chance to create videos that could be used for PA breaks, and to spark more interest in FUTP60. The culminating celebration will be an event that will have some lasting memories for our school, and helped launch our school community more deeply into FUTP60. I am excited for how FUTP60 will continue to grow not only in my school but also throughout our district.