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Together, We Can Do Anything!

Revea Spivey,   Swanson Elementary School
Let's Dance!
Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation, Student Leadership,  Teamwork

This is my Success Story for all the accomplishments FUTP 60 has had. One success is that everyone in FUTP 60 does Walking Club at least three times a week and we get to celebrate for those individuals that reach 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles throughout the year. Another one of our accomplishments is that we have became a Touchdown School many years in a row, which means we have made Touchdown status. Some of the things we do to become a Touchdown School is submit success stories, encourage people to join FUTP 60, and stay healthy by eating healthy snacks and doing physical activities. Something that is a celebration for us becoming a Touchdown School is going to the Mile High Stadium and we get to meet Miles and some football players. Something that happens every year that is a success is  that Miles comes to our school and we get to participate in the assembly which is always our FUTP 60 kick off of the year. When Miles comes every year, sometimes a football player comes with him and we get to meet them. One of our big successes that we wanted to do last year but didn’t get to is our school dance, which was Neverland themed. It was fun to help set up and many people came. Another success that we did last year and will be doing this year too, is a day without hate. For the day without hate, we did something nice every day. Some examples are we made friendship bracelets, kindness cards, and wrote something nice on a piece of paper and made peace signs. One of our last but not least Success was all the trophies we earned for doing everything. We got all those trophies because we worked hard and never gave up. 

How did you accomplish your goals?

Team work