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Try Day Friday

Jenifer Malloy,   Borchardt El
Access to Healthy Foods
Try Day Friday

Our school has a "Try Day Friday" every month. Every student is given the chance to try a fruit/veggie sample, regardless of if they purchased their lunch from the cafeteria or not. Some of the samples we've had are cranberries, kale, radishes, and plantains. The students enjoyed tasting new foods. Some of the foods they had never even heard of before! One example was that many students had never tried kale, but were surprised to find that they enjoyed the kale that was prepared by baking it in the oven as kale chips. Students were asking the parent volunteers how to prepare the kale because they wanted to make it at home!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Many of our students had never tried the foods before, and some had never even heard of the foods that were being offered for Try Day Friday. We had some reluctant students, but after trying the food, many students found that they actually did like the food and it wasn't so bad. This encouragement to try new, healthy foods every month helps to broaden their horizons to all the good and healthy food out there. Each Try Day Friday is more successful.