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Turner Cafe

Sara Trivette,   Turner Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Turner Cafe

Thanks to Fuel Up to Play 60 and our Snack Smarter in School Play, we have been able to purchase blenders and offer smoothies, low fat yogurt, whole grain snacks, and fresh fruit as part of our Turner Café. To build excitement, we did a smoothie taste test with the entire school. The results were overwhelmingly positive! Students and faculty love the smoothies. Through sales at the Turner Café, Turner Elementary students are increasing their consumption of low fat dairy products, whole grains, and fresh fruits and contributing to healthy fundraising for our school. Our student ambassadors encourage the student body to Fuel Up on healthy snacks and to be active for 60 minutes/day. Their input and help with our School Wellness Investigation has also led to the cafeteria highlighting a nutritious item on the morning announcements. Promoting Fuel Up to Play 60 starts at the top of the school, with our principal Dr. Deborah Jones being a huge supporter and making the smoothies herself most days. We’re excited to be Fueling Up to Play 60 this school term and in school years to come!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

The funds raised from the Smart Snacks including smoothies, low fat yogurt, whole grains, and fresh fruits sold at the Turner Café go directly back to the school, making offering healthy snacks and smoothies a big win for Turner Elementary. Thanks to Fuel Up To Play 60 we were able to purchase commercial grade blenders that make our smoothies a breeze to prepare. The students, faculty, and staff love these healthy snack options. We are excited to Fuel Up on smoothies for years to come!