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Walk Around The World

Korey Erickson,   Robert Frost Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
Students kept track of their walking for the month of February. Their goal was to walk 3000 steps a day or have one hour of physical activity. A sheet went home with parents so they could also participate with their child on this challenge. The goal was that if every student participated, we would collectively walk 24,000 miles or the circumference of the Earth. Once March 1 came, students turned in their activity logs and the team and I counted up the steps and marked it on the wall with the Vicktor the Viking cutout. Once it was all tallied, we had walked 25,800 miles.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge was trying to get students to be active during the cold month. We didn't always have school or get outside, so there wasn't the guarantee of a recess, before school, or after school activity. I was hoping that more parents would've participated with their child, but maybe there is a way I can fix that for next year.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Even after the challenge was over, I still have students showing me their FitBit or their pedometer to let me know that they are still getting their steps in. It's a good feeling to see the students continue wanting to reach their step goal and beyond each day.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I saw the students every week and I asked them about their challenge and if they were filling out their sheets. I had to print off some new ones for the students, but it seemed that they were really excited about keeping the cutout moving. I didn't get a lot of the sheets returned on the due date, so I was a little nervous about that. I emailed the classroom teachers to remind them and most were returned the following few days.