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Walking for Wellness

Sarah Kahm,   Black Elk Elementary School
Community Involvement,  Physical Activity Participation

Our school has offered a Walking Club program for the past 13 years. Throughout the years, the community and students have been invited to go on a mile walk before school to help promote overall health and wellness. Every year, we average about 50-75 students and a few community members that join us on a regular basis. This past year we have had over 175 students sign up for the Walking Club and averaged over about 100 walkers a week. This is partly due to the excitement over Fuel up to Play 60 and its resources and funding. Thanks for helping get our community and students excited about exercise.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenges that I face with Walking Club are getting all students the chance to belong. Since it is before school, it is hard for some students to get to school due to riding buses, daycare vans, or car pools. My goal is to figure out a solution so that all students would be given the same opportunity to be involved in an event that helps their overall wellness and health.