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Walking for Wellness at Fairland

Darah Snyder,   Fairland Middle School
Physical Activity Participation
Walking for Wellness at Fairland

Our FUTP 60 team had our kickoff event today as we began our Walking for Wellness Club. Each morning from 7:30 -7:50 all students are invited to start their day by walking laps around the gym while talking to friends and listening to music. Our team encouraged the students by teaching them that walking is a great way to begin your day with some light exercise to get your body and brain moving! We had an overwhelming response with almost 75 students walking on the first day!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We plan to turn our Walking for Wellness Club into a contest as the year progresses. We will begin to have students turn in a ticket after completing 10 laps. We will draw a ticket from a basket every four weeks and provide the winner (one homeroom) a small prize!