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Walking the Lines to Fitness at Lexington HS

Toccara Tatum,   Lexington Senior High
Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork
Walking the Lines to Fitness at Lexington HS
Freshmen Health & PE classes at LSHS participated in an activity called "The Line Game". Students enrolled in Physical Education at LSHS were surveyed to determine what barriers kept them from participating in PE. The results were: 1) dressing out or changing clothes in front of other students, 2) getting sweaty early in the day, and 3) lack of competitive ability among teammates. The PE teachers put their heads together to determine which games/activities would best fit the needs on the students based on survey results. The best game determined what “The Line Game”. THE LINE GAME: Quickly divide the class into 2 teams placing each team at opposite ends of the gym. Each team has the same goal of moving their entire team from 1 side of the gym to the other. They do this by traveling along lines only! Lines must be connected, no jumping from line to line. Both teams start simultaneously and move as individuals towards each other. Once a student passes the mid-court line they are only allowed to move forward or side-to-side. On their own side they may move in any direction. The mid-court line is neutral, and all students are safe there. However, on the opposing side if a student's path is "blocked" they must step off to the side and go back and start again. A student is never out of the game until they have successfully crossed to the other side. First team to have all its members on the opposite side is congratulated and you can play again if you wish.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Survey: The adults and students worked together by discussing and surveying what barriers existed that kept students from participating in PE. Activity: The students worked together as a team, because the goal of the activity was to get your entire team to the other side. Students would communicate with their teammates to try to get them safely to the other side.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

The challenges we faced were that this game was not very challenging for our "upperclassmen"; 10th -12th grade were not really interested in playing this game, so we decided to focus on 9th graders, which in our favor, is the largest group of students at LSHS. Also, ALL 9th graders are required to take 9th grade PE so we would have access to all enrolled 9th graders at some point; while upperclassmen are not required to take a second physical education class.

How did you accomplish your goals?

The goal of the All In, All Abilities! Play was to address barriers to physical activity and to find ways to break those barriers down, either for ourselves or for others. By surveying our students, we were able to determine what those barriers were and to encourage physical fitness by finding games and activities that met the students's needs. We saw an increase in class participation.