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Walking to the Super Bowl!

Mikaela Waiflein,   Lincoln Elem
Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork
Walking to the Super Bowl!

In our school we wanted to get our Fuel Up to Play 60 walking club going and starting. In January we were trying to think of some ideas to get our kids interested in moving and walking and being in the walking club. So we decided to walk to the Super Bowl in Dallas, TX. About 1 month before the Super Bowl is when we started to record our miles. Each day a new grade would be wearing the pedometers and recording their steps at the end of the day. We decided that 2,000 steps was the same as 1 mile so that is how we recorded our miles. After each day we would announce how many miles we have walked and where we were in our journey to Dallas. In the gym we had a life sized map of the United States that had stars marked on the map in the places we have been. The kids really enjoyed seeing and hearing about the progress. On Feb. 2nd we held our finale event for walking to the Super Bowl. The whole school and their families were invited to come and walk the rest of the way to the Super Bowl with us. We had 600 miles to go that night. WE MADE OUR GOAL OF 600 MILES! Our event was a huge success. It was not only a success because we made it to Dallas but it was also a success because of our local college, Northern State University that sent over about 40 of their student-athletes to help us with the event. With the many athletes we had we were able to have other little activities going on in the gym to keep the students busy and moving around! With their help it made the event an even better success, and the students thought it was pretty cool to have some college athletes helping us out!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We had the students and adults both working during the event and leading up to the event. The teachers were also wearing pedometers during the day to record their steps as well! We also had the students and their families walk together with only 1 pedometer so they had to stay as a family and record their steps together. It worked out great!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We are going to extend this Play by keeping our walking club going throughout the rest of the school year and into next year! Next year we are even thinking about walking around the US to some really cool attractions to get our kids up and moving throughout the day.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We accomplished our high goal of making it to the Super Bowl with a lot of help from the students and teachers. They were so involved in the process and wanting to get the most steps possible. They were very driven to make it to Dallas as well. Giving the students something to work for and for them to be able to see and hear their progress was a huge help as well. We also involved every single student in this activity with the pedometers and different grades.