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Walnut Grove's Fitness Friday Kickoff Celebration

Alice Lore,   Walnut Grove Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation,  Other
Walnut Grove's Fitness Friday Kickoff Celebration
This year, Walnut Grove kicked off the Fuel Up to Play 60 program with Fitness Friday. On this day, students were encouraged to wear a fitness themed jersey or t-shirt. Students learned about healthy living throughout the entire day. Teacher framed all lessons to integrated sports, fitness, nutrition, or healthy habits. They also worked to include movement in most day activity. Fitness was the school's focus from the moment the students entered the building until the moment they left.

How did you accomplish your goals?

The kickoff celebration helped motivate our student population to join Fuel Up to Play 60. Most are very excited about the program. I have had student after student share with me that they joined FUTP 60 and how many points they have earned. Our students are starting to put more thought into health choices. For example, one student told a teacher they should be mindful of how much soda they are drinking because sodas are empty calories.