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Washington Elementary's Cafeteria Makeover

Promoting Healthful Choices
Success with Funds
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The cafeteria makeover was completed over the winter break so when student's returned after Christmas vacation, they came back to a bright, vibrant cafeteria that promoted the five food groups. Students were surprised and excited to go to lunch.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

There was a lower number of behavior referrals that were submitted in the second half of the year after the cafeteria makeover when compared to the first part of the year. During the months September through December, there were 174 behavior referrals submitted and during the months of January through April, only 126 behavior referrals were submitted.

How did you accomplish your goals?

With the help of a local business, Fulton Lumber, the school was able to purchase paint and supplies at a discounted rate as well as without payment up front. Fulton Lumber supplied the supplies as needed and kept a running invoice on file until the project was complete and then funds were sent to the company. Parents and teachers a few students within the community volunteered their time to complete the project during winter vacation. The principal of the school was also very much involved with the project from start to finish.