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We Dairy You Photo Contest

Kera Williams,   James And Margie Marion Elementary School
Highlight Healthy Foods — Go Nutritious
We Dairy You Photo Contest
We challenged our students to show us how they could showcase Dairy in a creative way. We called it the "We 'Dairy' You to Show Us" photo contest. Students were challenged to submit a creative dairy-based photo to our team for a chance to win Fuel Up to Play 60 prizes! Rules that were sent out to students were as follows:  Create a clever hashtag to title your submission;  You can be in your photo, but you do not have to be;  Your photo can be a collage that ties together your theme;  You must turn in the attached entry form/media release with your submission;  Your photo needs to showcase dairy as the star and tell us a story. Possible ideas include photos of: o You milking a cow o Visiting a Dairy Farm o Making a Dairy Related Recipe o A Dairy-themed sculpture you created o Eating a Dairy item that isn’t ordinary o A Dairy shopping spree at a local grocer o Anything you can come up with that is cool, original and creative AND that showcases Dairy. This contest will be scored on your creativity, so think outside the box! You can earn bonus points based on the following:  Include a Dairy Cow in your photo: 5 bonus points  Snap a selfie with a Dairy Farmer: 10 bonus points  Creativity: Up to 15 bonus points We can’t wait to see what you create! We had numerous creative entries and made a bulletin board showcasing them.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our student team came up with the challenge and helped to promote and implement it. Many of them even participated in it. This was an easy way for parents to interact with their children and to show how their family utilizes dairy or can showcase dairy. (A sample of an entry is included in this submission)