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We Did It at Sicily Island!

Joanna Faerber,   Sicily Island High School
Breakfast For Everyone — First Meal Matters
Success with Funds
We Did It at Sicily Island!
We were shocked when the students were told they would not like yogurt and it was not going to be successful, but SI Tigers showed them. It was an exciting day when the 247 students plus faculty and administration went into the high school auditorium for a pep rally and to hear the announcement their school had received a FUTP 60 Yogurt Parfait Bar and it would be placed in their cafeteria! This is a head start - Pre-K - 12th grade school in “very” rural Louisiana. A school where there are limited opportunities for grocery shopping for different and unique groceries other than what the gas station offered as “quick” foods. After a vanilla low-fat yogurt taste test with fresh fruit and granola, the students were hyped for the arrival of their very own parfait bar. Thanks to our dairy representative, Jen Duhon, everything was ready and she came out for the celebration of School Cafeteria week for the “maiden voyage”. It was awesome! The kids loved it and not one turned down the delicious yogurt smoothies and fresh fruit. Thanks to the wonderful cafeteria crew that was there to make sure it would run smoothly. We are loving FUTP 60! Thank you NFL and the Louisiana Dairy Council.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Hard work and dedication to prove to the community that we do like yogurt and want to move to be healthy.