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Westwood Milk Mustache Day

Deb Barnhill,   Westwood Elementary School
Westwood Milk Mustache Day

We had our 3rd Annual Milk Mustache Day here at Westwood. Our Westwood Fuel Up to Play 60 “Ambassadors” put it together. They made announcements and posters to remind the kids. The WHOLE school participates including teachers and all support staff. We made and cut out mustaches in our favorite milk flavor. We served Skim Choco, strawberry, vanilla and white along with 1% white milk. We had some very creative 'staches worn down to the cafeteria at lunch that day! We also set up a photo spot and gave Mustache Trophies to the “BEST 'STACHE” in each grade. The Ambassadors took pictures and did a milk flavor survey during lunch and it was decided after all counts were in that CHOCOLATE is Westwood's favorite MILK flavor!!!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Because everyone in the building participated, some classes worked together with the younger classes to help them create the mustaches. Teachers shared mustache templates with each other. And because of all the hype and promotions, Westwood had Perfect Attendance on this day!!! The first time since we became an Elementary School 20 Yrs ago!!!!!