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Westwoods Elementary School Cafeteria Makeover

Caitlin Lorenc,   Blair Elementary School
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Student Leadership,  Success with Funds
Westwoods Elementary School Cafeteria Makeover
At Westwoods Elementary School, in Traverse City, Michigan, we have been busy making over our cafeteria this year. It started with adding a fun, colorful photo sticker of cows to our milk cooler. We also started to use bright colored serving utensils on our salad bar, and added funky shaped and colorful serving bowls as well! Our students have definitely noticed the difference. There are new window clings on the salad bar which bring a lot of excitement to the cart. Our biggest change was working with our art teacher and students to paint a faux awning over our serving line in our cafeteria. With all of these changes taking place, it's like our cafeteria is brand new! Our students have been very excited about the changes and look forward to seeing new things every time they go in!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students and adults worked together to write the grant which funded our improvements. They decided what to paint and the colors they should use. They worked together to help paint the awning and add the colorful prints to the cafeteria.