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What does your healthy breakfast look like?

Jill Olshavsky,   Lucketts Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
What does your healthy breakfast look like?

Students at Lucketts Elementary in Leesburg, VA, emailed or printed and sent in photos of themselves and their families eating a healthy breakfast at home. Staff also are participating. We are hanging the photos on a bulletin board that will stay up Dec. and Jan. to promote eating a healthy breakfast at home. We promoted a healthy breakfast and eating at school last year so we wanted to involve the community and families more this year. We talked about it in PE class and also it was a memo in the monthly newsletter and weekly email to parents from the principal. It just started a little over a week ago and we have over 30 participants (FUTP 60 and non-FUTP 60 students and staff supporting us with pictures on the bulletin board. We hope to receive more pictures the next few weeks. As a reward, five of the students whose pictures are up on the board will be entered into a drawing and will win FUTP 60 swag I have for bringing in their picture and supporting the FUTP 60 program at Lucketts Elementary.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Staff and students are sending pictures in to promote eating a healthy breakfast at home! 5th fraders in FUTP 60 created the board, put it up, and are in charge of putting new pictures up. 3rd-5th grade FUTP 60 students are getting the word out to bring pictures in.