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Who Knew?

Jennifer Jennings,   Royall Middle-high School
Access to Healthy Foods,  Physical Activity Participation
Who Knew?

We started off with 2 different taste tests. One was a fruit parfait and the second was a cheese tasting. We had a peaches with vanilla yogurt for the parfait and we learned they would rather have raspberries. For the cheese tasting, we tasted 3 different cheeses; jalapeno, monterey jack and mild cheddar. To our surprise jalapeno and monterey jack were tied! In the picture that is attached, the Student Ambassadors are getting together to get the results from the cheese taste test. They were excited to take part in this as they felt like this was their own.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I met with the 6 ambassadors and we set a plan of action and what they would like to do. They really made it their own and ran with it. The next Play is our version of the dice game. They are having a lot of fun planning the event. We meet every Monday afternoon and discuss what happened or what they would like to see happen as an outcome. They are a fun group of kids to work with and really take ownership of what they do.