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Wolfpack Fuel Up to Play 60

Vanessa Trevino,   Wilderness Oak Elementary School
NFL Play 60 Challenge
Physical Activity Participation, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
Wolfpack Fuel Up to Play 60

It all started when a PE Coach was watching her beloved Dallas Cowboys play a game. An advertisement on the field goal posts for Play 60 was shown, and the rest became an initiative. Wilderness Oak Elementary is a school in San Antonio, TX in Northeast ISD. The school had never fully committed to the program because nobody ever signed up as a Program Advisor. This year that changed, and so did the commitment of the students. What originally started off as an idea took off into a full-fledged movement. Students not only started signing up, but they brought ideas and motivation to the table. It started with 2 kids who committed and started fulfilling challenges and brought in hand made Fuel Up to Play 60 posters that were hung in the gym entry doors. From there you can say the movement started. Other students were intrigued and began to ask what FUTP 60 was all about and how could they get involved.  

Before we knew it students had gotten other staff members involved and on board. The art teacher allowed for grades 3-5 to create Fuel Up to Play 60 posters that are hung around the school, in a glass bridge walkway that overlooks the car pick up line for parents and visitors to see. Because of this, parents began to get involved or asked what they could do to learn more about this program. 

The music teacher is working with the kids to complete an Ultimate Challenge and create a song about the program. The Assistant Principal has signed up to be an adult involved in the program and has given permission for special events like our “Kick Off” party where the school was allowed to wear their favorite team jerseys, and has given the go ahead to get involved with the Dairy Committee to come and educate the students.  

We created a “No Excuses November” challenge that encourages the students to bring in pictures of them being active or eating healthy to display on our wall in the gym. Our head cafeteria lady has allowed for us to display posters in the cafeteria about dairy and eating healthy. She has also agreed to allow for students to have a recipe of the week to put on cards and placed at the check-out for students to take home. Currently students are coming up with smoothie recipes. 

Our Physical Education department has really stepped up our game and we are always finding ways to incorporate the importance of physical activity and healthy eating into all lessons and activities. We always talk about the benefits of the two combinations and ask for students' input on ideas, because after all we are wanting to make life-long learning when it comes to physical activity and nutrition. Fuel Up to Play 60 has been a motivating factor to many kids and of different abilities. Many students are growing physically, emotionally, and socially through this addition of the program. So far we would call this a success story that is still unfinished.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

It's been about synergy and I feel that our summary story explains just how everyone has played a role in this bigger picture.