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Words Never Had It So Good

Kathy Leslie,   Martin Kellogg Middle School
Breakfast For Everyone — First Meal Matters
Words Never Had It So Good

This year, our FUTP 60 program wanted to work on helping students understand where foods come from. We incorporated learning about this in some of our weekly meetings. We heard about and then researched the concept of a StoryWalk. We created three different StoryWalk activities, focused on personal connections, healthy eating and physical activity. In our first event, we ran healthy bones relay races. In the second one, we worked together with our school's reading specialist and tied one of our walks into our school's Read Across America celebration. Our final StoryWalk featured a book sent to us by Cabot Creamery last year. We learned about the different origins of some common breakfast foods, and the importance of milk. We also invited parents and connected with the nutrition staff to offer a healthy snack. We had a tour of the school's kitchen and a conversation with the Nutrition Director. All of our StoryWalks included physical activity. We walked around the school to read each story, and engaged in fitness activities that we put on each page. We had fun and learned along the way.


How did you accomplish your goals?

To learn about Farm to School, try a StoryWalk. We created 3 different StoryWalk activities and learned about farming, healthy eating, and physical activity. We added a fun healthy-bones relay race and a Read Across America celebration. We invited parents and worked with the food services staff to offer cheese, crackers, and hot chocolate milk. We toured the school’s kitchen and met with the Nutrition Director. All of our StoryWalks included fitness activities that we put on each page!