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Working Out!!

Dunia Edgerson,   Apollo Middle School
Create Your Own Fitness Center
Physical Activity Participation
Working Out!!

Goals will be set at the beginning of a new fitness class. Students will also use pedometers to track their progress and will be graded on daily participation. Proper form and cueing will be stressed. Form is important when doing aerobic or weight-related activities. Jump ropes and hula hoops are incorporated into the fitness room. Students get a resistance/weight workout on Mondays and continue it for the week. Focus is on three sets of 12 for each workout. There is a combination of upper and lower body with resistance training. Students help lead the fitness classes and have taken ownership of their workouts!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Students are eager to be in the fitness room and in PE to be physically active.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I wanted the students to set goals and work on their form as well as take their time. They have shown a lot of progress and ask questions. I hope by the end of the quarter they have gained knowledge that will allow them to work out on their own.