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WOW Walk on Wednesdays

LeeAnn Blankenship,   Tug Valley High School
Physical Activity Participation
WOW Walk on Wednesdays
Tug Valley Panthers started a weekly walk with the business students in the fall semester. As a reward for good attendance and completing assignments, Mrs. Blankenship along with Mrs. Stewart, took the students on a walk during that period. Mrs. Blankenship discussed the importance of walking and several of the benefits of making it part of their daily routine. The students looked forward to the weekly walk and put forth more effort in their school work.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

One challenge was to keep the students together and safe near the road. Mrs. Blankenship went over the rules before taking the classes on the walk. One teacher stayed at the front of the line while the other teacher stayed at the end. The students had to walk in a line at the edge of the road until we reached the sidewalk.