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You Got This!

Stephanie FUGINA,   Phillips Elementary School
Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation,  Teamwork

Our students run or walk daily in PE. Students are required to earn three sticks at least (1/2 mile) in 12 minutes. The students are able to earn feet for every five miles run and also for certain mile markers like 26.2 and 35 miles. The students have become very excited about the track time and even if they are not earning feet they are working on their personal fitness goals. We have one student in particular who is very resistant to the track and any movement so we are always looking for motivation techniques for her. One technique in particular is the other students choosing to be her buddy on our track, cheering her on. Actually she gets only one lap, but we are happy for her persistence to be "her" best!

How did you accomplish your goals?

We have purchased a lot of different types of feet and fun toe tags like hearts, rain drops, and pumpkins. At Phillips, we emphasize setting personal goals and reaching for personal "I" improvement. We announce kids that have reached milestones at our assemblies, have a running club board, and provide the toe tags for every 5 miles run. Our PTA gave us a grant as well to put towards purchasing more toe tags. The students are very motivated to achieve more sticks!