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Z-A Salad Bar Tasting

Beth DeFigueiredo,   Yake Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Students will now have the opportunity to learn about a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables throughout the year as part of collaboration between the WBSD and Sodexo. The "A-Z Salad Bar" is available every Wednesday in the cafeteria during lunches. On that day, all students will have the opportunity to try a fruit or vegetable that begins with the letter of the alphabet of the week served by students from our Student Leadership Team. The SLT members are responsible for promoting the tasting and serving the other students. Students are encouraged to try something new each week. Dates for A-Z Salad Bar: 10/14 – A is for ARUGULA 10/21 – B is for BEETS 10/28 – C is for CAULIFLOWER 11/4 – D is for DAIKON RADISH 11/11 – E is for EDAMAME 11/18 – F is for FAVA BEANS 12/2 – G is for GARBANZO BEANS 12/9 – H is for HONEYDEW MELON 12/16 – I is for ICEBERG LETTUCE 1/6 – J is for JALAPENO 1/13 – K is for KALE 1/20 – L is for LIMA BEANS 1/27 – M is for MUSHROOMS 2/3 – N is for NAVY BEANS 2/10 – O is for OKRA 2/24 – P is for PINEAPPLE 3/2 –Q is for QUINCE 3/9 – R is for RADISH 3/16 – S is for SNOW PEAS 3/23 – T is for TANGERINE 4/6 – U is for ULVA (SPANISH WORD FOR GRAPE) 4/13 – V is for VINE RIPENED TOMATOES 4/20 – W is for WAX BEANS 4/27 – X is for XIGUA (WATERMELON) 5/4 – Y is for YAMS 5/11 – Z is for ZUCCHINI

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be very expensive. Many of our students have not tasted a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The kids tend to be very excited about the "new" food presented every week. With the push for healthy eating and exercise within our building, we are noticing that students are making a concerted effort to bring healthy items for lunch.