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 To get kids excited about Fuel Up to Play 60 at our school, we held a kickoff event on Friday, September 11. We had an all-school assembly, which was held outside on our track and field. We started off with a few volunteer Student Ambassadors speaking about their favorite exercises and why physical activity is important to them.

 Next one of our Program Advisors explained to everyone more information on the 100 Mile Club. Then he turned on some music and we all ran or walked our first mile on the track together! While we ran, there were stations along the way led by Student Ambassadors such as mini-hurdles, a football toss and soccer ball kicking. While running or walking my Program Advisor would randomly pull a person or two aside and ask them a question over the loudspeaker such as “What do you eat to fuel up?”. Both students and staff enjoyed it!

Later that same day, we had our FUTP 60 Middle School Student Ambassadors attend the High School Varsity football game, where we had a FUTP 60 booth. We hung posters. We wore FUTP 60 shirts. We handed out pencils, bracelets, and football cards. We did the “guess that” FUTP 60 ball toss game for the kids that stopped at the booth. We even threw out t-shirts at halftime to fans in the stands. We made a banner out of FUTP 60 posters and other materials, and had the football players run through it during halftime. We got to hang out with our friends during the game and cheer our team on to a win! It was a blast!

FUTP 60 inspires us and we were happy to attend the event so we could continue to inspire others. When you do good for others, you get good back. For instance, we gave a young boy a t-shirt and, in return, we got a big smile. It was a great way to start the new school year! The whole school is ready and so are we!

Courtney and Andrew
Summit Ambassadors
7th Grade