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Do you know where your dairy comes from? No matter where you are, dairy comes from a farm committed to sustainability—making your milk, cheese and yogurt something you can feel even better about enjoying. Dairy farmers teamed up with some well-known gaming influencers who took virtual tours of real dairy farms and made videos about what they learned through new worlds in Minecraft!

YouTuber @PrestonPlayz visited a dairy farm to see how cows and the earth are cared for—then he brought his experience to a whole new world in Minecraft. Watch his cows come to life on a virtual farm!


A real-life trip to a dairy farm inspired YouTuber @BriArsement’s Minecraft playthrough, adorable baby cow included.😉 See what a sustainable dairy farm looks like in the virtual world!


YouTuber @MrBeast met a dairy farmer to learn about sustainability—and that’s just where the adventure starts. See his Minecraft farm building competition, complete with all sorts of barns, windmills and cows, where one lucky gamer wins $50K!