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Hello it’s Prescott from New Hampshire. Our FUTP 60 club just had our very first kickoff, and thanks to it, we’ve gotten more people interested in the program, making it not just run by a teacher, but student-led. I’ve noticed a couple of things that helped me in getting people to join FUTP 60, and this article will give you those insights.

The first way to really introduce the FUTP 60 program is your Kickoff. The definition of the Kickoff is that it’s the first time you interact with the school to get excited about FUTP 60. It’s important that it’s not just a quick announcement, make it fun! From homecoming floats to a 5K, find something to do that gets everyone involved, from non-FUTP 60 students to the ones in the club themselves. As it was the first year for our school to have FUTP 60, we did something small: the Wall of Healthiness. Students, teachers and staff gave us a picture of them being healthy, and by doing so, they were entered in a raffle with prizes given to us by New England Dairy & Food Council. It worked out well, and we ended up getting a couple more people interested in joining!

The next tip goes in right next to the kickoff. I’d strongly suggest in having a meeting almost right after a kickoff, either the next day or week, so that people still remember FUTP 60 and realize that there are opportunities to get involved. It could be a meeting in the computer lab, where the people who already are in FUTP 60 just log onto the Dashboard and fill it out, and you can get the new members logged on for the first time. Then, you can keep them involved in the program and have the new members integrate FUTP 60 into their before or after school schedule.

There’s also the part of getting the word out about FUTP 60. From what I’ve learned so far trying to market FUTP 60, some people think it’s (a) a useless program that does nothing (b) another adult program to get kids to eat right, or (c) a program that makes a lot of empty promises to get things from students, all of which once you are in the program for a while you find to be completely false. You do need to advertise to those students who think that way. Making posters, school announcements, or even just talking to your peers about the program can change their opinion of FUTP 60. I can say for a matter of fact, all I’ve had to do to get new members a couple of times was to talk to them in a persuasive format.

Lastly, one of the other ways to get people excited is getting FUTP 60 or NFL items to give to students. While you are trying to market a certain product or organization, you need to give out not just a flyer, as most people would throw it out immediately, but also a product of some sort. It can be as simple as a key chain or a foam football or Frisbee. Having a tangible item helps people remember what FUTP 60 is, and hopefully participate in the program or help out in some way (for example, handing out surveys or taste test items).

Well, that’s it from me for now. Make sure to check in to The Huddle monthly to hear more about my FUTP 60 successes in NH and advice to help people like you out!

Summit Ambassador
New Hampshire
8th Grade

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