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Austin Huddle Post

My name is Austin, and today I wanted to talk to you about kicking off the school year. I know it has been a while since some kick off events have been held, but they are still an important event. It is key to take what you have learned from last year and make the next event that much better. We want the Fuel up to Play 60 program to keep succeeding and improving. For example, if FUTP 60 teams feel they didn’t have enough activities for everyone to participate in, then an option could be to brainstorm and summarize some new ways and physical activity games. I love seeing the kick off events expand and grow every year, it’s amazing.

The Kickoff Event is what gets kids back into the spirit and mood. I know some of my friends don’t always seem too thrilled about coming back to school. This is an awesome way to get kids excited about coming back to school.  Be sure to make your kickoff event the best it can be!

At our school we had a lot of fun, but there are still things that we are trying to improve on. We are working on getting more kids to participate and thinking of and finding activities that are “cool.” Keeping the event fun filled is what makes everyone excited to hop back into the school year. You can even hold a kickoff event coming back from the holidays!

State Ambassador
10th  Grade