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Teaming Up with Chelan Fresh to Help Students Fuel Greatness

Chelan Fresh

Studies continue to prove that students who fuel up with nutritious meals – particularly breakfast do better in the classroom. Yet many students still aren’t getting this important meal.


Thanks to Chelan Fresh, fueling up is about to get a bit more flexible and accessible for some Fuel Up to Play 60 schools! Chelan Fresh and Fuel Up to Play 60 have teamed up to nourish schools and communities across the country by donating portable breakfast/salad bar carts to 15 schools across 11 states.


The portable breakfast/salad bar carts will be provided to select FUTP 60 schools in Arizona, California, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, South Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington this school year and will reach nearly 9,000 students, serving an estimated 1.3 million meals each year.


Finding new ways to serve nutritious meals in schools (like low-fat and fat-free dairy products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains) is helping students fuel their full potential.