Get Students into the Zone!

Being part of Fuel Up to Play 60 just got a whole lot easier with the Student Zone!

Student Zone Video

Fuel Up to Play 60 At Your Fingertips

Fuel Up to Play 60 anywhere, any time! Students can now access the Student Zone on their desktops or by downloading the App and create their accounts to start completing Activities and earning Badges to become Fuel Up to Play 60 Champions. Need help getting student accounts set up? Check out our handy user guides, below! Fuel Up to Play 60 anywhere, any time! 

Student Zone Activation Video

Download GuideActivation Guide (under 13) Activation Guide (13+)

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Get The Student Zone App!

Students can find the app by searching “Student Zone” or “Fuel Up to Play 60” on the Google Play or App Store! If your students already have the app, make sure they don’t forget to rate and review it.

No phone? No problem! The Student Zone app is available on desktop as well! 

Desktop Version

Create Champions!

Fuel Up to Play 60 Champions can unlock exclusive content, get more opportunities with the program, plus get chances to win! Once students create their accounts, have them earn Badges by completing Activities – when they’ve received 6 or more Badges, they’ll automatically earn Champion status and be added to the team!